Case Examples

Lean Consulting and Business Engineering Sample Cases

Frac Tank Manufacturing Facility

Reengineering of Production System

Results: Reduced costs $5.99M or 32% by switching from batch to inline manufacturing process

Special Wire Products Factory

Status Evaluation and Proposal to Improve Operability

Results:Implementation of a forecasted production plan and inventory levels that increased EBITDA by 13%

PVC Plumbing Connectors

Analysis, Diagnosis and Optimization of Production

Results: Improved efficiency from 72.8% to 98.2% (27.4% improvement)

Packaging Industry

Strategies, Responsibilities and Values of a Quality Philosophy and its Application

Results: 52.5% reduction in rework

Ford Motor Company (in Mexico)

Preliminary Study for the Improvement of the Procurement Process for Immobilized Units

Results: Reduction of immobilized units by 17.39%

Metal Panel Manufacturing Facility

Optimization of Plant Equipment Layout to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Handling Times and Maximize Storage Areas

Results: 53% Reduction of Material Handling and 91% Increase in Storage Areas

Furniture and Decorative Accessories Factory

Study of the Batch Production System, Compared with the In Line System and Suggestions for Implementation

Results: Increased production output by 13% and cost savings per product unit of 8.06 %

Textile Embroidery Company

Proposal for Improving Production

Results: Production cost reduction of 30.6%

Industrial Food (bread) Plant

Proposal and Justification of Plant Through the Optimization of Manufacturing Methods and Procedures

Results: Reduction of production time by 29.4 % and production output improvement of 53.7%

Sausages Processing Plant


Results: Cost reduction of 7.4% and production improvement of 22%