We are a complete engineering consulting firm that also offers quality metal buildings. No Project is too small or to big for us to handle it since our staff is fully qualified and we have offices nternationally in Mexico, India, China, Phillipines and Vietnam.

Our state-of-the-art engineering, processing and procurement of metal buildings is unique because our service delivery times are the best in the industry.

We believe in making positive relationships with our customers.

Campana Building Consultants - providing quality metal buildings at the Industriy’s Best Pricing.

A Letter from Fred Campana

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Yes, I am the same Fred Campana that founded Rigid Building Systems in early 1990. Over the past 26 years I have had quite a roller coaster ride - which took me on a brief break from the metal building industry.

I am glad to say that break is over and I am now back to serve those looking for a metal building, needing engineering services or consulting services. On a personal note, during my break in 2015 I actually considered retiring and spending more time with my family and friends at my home and traveling. For those of you that know me, my mind was not quite ready for that!! In April of 2015, my son Joseph and I decided to start preparations to open a new business, CAMPANA BUILDING CONSULTANTS (CBC).

At CBC we have developed the most efficient metal building order processing center in the industry, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies with one thought on our minds: “OUR Proof Is In YOUR Profit”.

At CBC we commit to developing new technologies to make the buying process more efficient and seamless. I can’t say everything in this opening letter, but what I can tell you is to be on the lookout for CBC IDEAS. Coming soon! To a builder near you! With new technologies that will change the industry. I promise!

I hope you like what you see at CBC,

Fred Campana